Formatting and proofreading of theses

Do you need help with finalizing your bachelor, diploma, rigorous, doctoral, graduate or other final theses? Have you finished the text, but are you still missing formatting, proofreading and overall final check? Need help with grammar and styling of your work text? Or do you need to correct citations in the text or bibliographic citations in the standard literature list? Do you miss the abstract or annotation translation? So you have come to the right place 🙂

Contact us! You don’t have to waste your time studying the latest edits and formalities; We have professionally formatted texts for many years. Thanks to the wide range of our other services, we can format your final work, review it, edit it and fix it comprehensively.

Formatting speed variations

We offer four variants of text formatting speed. Just choose how much time you have to submit your final thesis.

Why format?

The first look at your work is linked to the notion of formatting. The way work looks, often tells about its author. It is the formatting that the first look of every reader, and the one who evaluates your work.

Professional formatting is an important and inseparable part of any bachelor, diploma, graduate, dissertation or other thesis.

Final work is your business card! For this reason, do not underestimate the formatting of your work!

If you need to format, edit and correct your bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, graduate or other final work professionally, or use our other services offered professionally, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you.

What do we format?

We focus on formatting and proofreading all types of final theses such as:

  • – formatting graduation work,
  • – formatting the bachelor thesis,
  • – formatting the thesis,
  • – Dissertation formatting
  • – formatting rigorous work
  • – formatting graduate work
  • – formatting of MBA work
  • – formatting habilitation thesis.

However, you can also contact us during the course of your studies and entrust us with formatting and proofreading your semester, seminar, progress and year work, case studies, papers and essays, but also PowerPoint presentations.

Why us?

We provide comprehensive modifications to all types of final theses.

The priority is for us to flawlessly correct your work.

You will be satisfied with our responsible, fast and quality approach. We are professionals.

An individual approach is an essential element of our cooperation with you.

Our many years of experience in formatting and proofreading our final works are our strengths.

We offer four different formatting and proofreading speeds, including an express 12-hour deadline.

We offer methodological support and consultation during writing your final thesis.

Our other services

Text formatting is just one of many important modifications to every final thesis. Our team provides you with comprehensive services to help you make perfect work. These services can also be ordered separately without previous formatting.

Correction of bibliographic citations

At the end of the paper we focus on checking and correcting the correct form of the quoted bibliographic citations – a list of used sources, respectively. used literature and other used sources according to citation standards ČSN ISO 690 or according to APA.

Linguistic, stylistic and typographic proofreading

We focus on checking and correcting grammar (typos, spelling, misused endings, etc.). We also oversee the proper shapes of custom and foreign names and addresses, abbreviations, numeric data, poor automatic text correction …

Correction of citations in the text of the thesis

Attention is focused on checking and correcting the correct form of all citations that are given in the text of the work and which should correspond to the citation standard according to ČSN ISO 690 or APA.

Checking plagiarism

You can get free ordering from us by checking for possible compliance with other works. As a rule, within 24 hours we will send you a report of the matches found in the final thesis database. However, we must point out that your school can use other plagiarism control systems.

Translation of abstract / annotation

The English version of abstract / annotation and keywords is part of most of the works. We will translate the abstract / annotation and keywords into English. The scope of the current abstract / annotation is approximately 800-1,000 characters.

Preparation of presentation for defense

Part of your thesis defense is its presentation, which we will prepare in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Processing speech for presentation

Preparation of the thesis for the defense

Processing a non-binding “review” – feedback

Graphs and tables creation

Outputs from the questionnaire survey, for example, need to be processed and evaluated and subsequently processed into graphs or tables (both at the same time are possible). On the basis of the supplied materials we will then create charts or tables that we can also put into your work.

Printing and binding work

Check formatted work

If you are not sure whether you have correctly formatted your work according to methodological requirements or directives of the school, so just send us including instructions from school. Everything will be checked and adjusted if required.